Your Culture IS Your Brand

How do top companies develop brands that nurture customer loyalty and increase profit margins? Successful companies start by looking inside. They monitor their brands and conduct regular brand and culture audits to ensure they are delivering consistent, delightful customer experiences.

They examine their culture, mission and values and compare them to what their brand promises, or what they would like it to evoke. Sometimes this internal look is quite revealing. Gaps discovered between a company’s values and culture versus what the brand is communicating, or what customers experience, can be surprising.

An audit is a powerful tool for identifying your organization’s market, mission, unique value and brand personality. These attributes form the basis of your brand, the total experience your brand promises and delivers to customers.

Take a quick pulse of your brand and culture:

  • Are your brand and your culture in alignment?
  • Does each employee understand the promise your brand is making?
  • Do your customers get a consistent brand experience throughout every experience regardless of the situation, role, or geographic location?
  • Are you confident your customers know what your brand stands for, and do they feel connected to it?

A deep dive into your Brand and Culture can be the first step toward creating a distinctive brand that sets you apart from a crowded field of competitors.

Done properly, every employee will carry your brand’s DNA fueling enviable brand loyalty.

Where do we start?
Let us help you implement a program specifically tailored to your company and culture. We’ll engage your teams in lively, interactive sessions that get to the heart of it all: your core values, what inspires you, what inspires your customers, and what your brand aspires to become. We’ll work together to create a brand with a personality that is unique, authentic and resonates internally and externally.

Then we’ll help you deploy a company-wide engagement strategy for total Brand Infusion®. The result: Delighted customers. Brand loyalty. And stronger business outcomes.