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Brand Infusion®

Brand infusion is a design process we’ve developed to ensure the essence of your brand shines in everything you do. It engages your teams in a way that brings your brand to life on every level, applying your brand’s unique attributes and personality to all aspects of your business. From designing website experiences to orchestrating customer service, to working with vendors and partners, successful Brand Infusion guides the process for providing exceptional, uniquely delightful experiences every time. We’ll engage your teams in stimulating, interactive sessions to design experiences that will set your company apart, radiate from employees, and make people want to come to work for you. It’s the closest thing to a magic wand you’ll find. Let us help you release the magic of your brand. Contact us to learn more.

Introducing Kick-Starter One-Day Workshops

Kick-Start Your Business Brand

Clarify what your brand stands for in customers' minds and galvanize your team's commitment and focus.
  • Your brand promise, values and personality
  • Your customer target and needs
  • Your brand’s key messages
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Kick-Start My Business Model

Crystallize your unique value proposition and identify key opportunities to strengthen it.
  • Your key customer target(s) & unique value proposition(s)
  • Your key capabilities, resources & partners
  • Your cost and revenue model
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Kick-Start Your Customer Delight

Map your customer journey and develop experience principles to delight and inspire loyalty.
  • The fundamental needs & wants of your customers
  • Your customer experience guiding principles for front line behavior
  • Your implementation plan, enabling your employees to deliver delightful experiences
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Attention Startups!

If you’re a startup on the journey to defining your unique brand, voice, and personality, we have a full-day workshop developed just for startups. To get started, click here.

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Roz took the lead in updating and developing new marketing materials for our organization. She was able to take our internal and specialized lingo and tell a compelling story to the general public. Our new materials are beautiful, professional and highly effective.

Nancy Batterman Executive Coach and Nonprofit Business Strategist

Roz brought the TurboTax Brand Personality to life throughout Customer Care with a Brand Infusion program she initiated, developed and deployed. Her passion and energy shifted mindsets throughout Care and had a measurable impact on our customers.

Suzanne Van Cleve Digital Marketing & Product Management Leader

For Vistage International, Roz’s fresh thinking and creative approach breathed new life into our marketing campaign.

Alex Chrisman SVP Marketing

Roz was truly amazing to work with; an excellent facilitator, very professional, coaxing insights from us, bringing it all together at the end, all the while making it a fun and enjoyable process. We highly recommend Roz to any company looking to better connect with their customers, strengthen and inject personality into their brand.

Wendy Forkas CEO

Roz is able to bring diverse groups of people together to achieve a common goal with grace. Her approach to building an employer brand and customer experience principles produced an authentic outcome that people truly embraced.

Dean Hollander Founder/CEO

“Roz’s ability to motivate a small, but mighty, team of volunteers to elevate a tired old brand into something fresh and engaging was inspirational and instructive. She expertly led the team through her proprietary re-branding process, and then implementation… with grace, humor and compassion.

Vanessa Allen Growth Marketing Strategist

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